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First Start
Childcare and Learning Center

Welcome to First Start !!!

At First Start Childcare and Learning Center, we provide a safe
and caring atmosphere that helps in the early developmental
stages of your child. The center is designed to promote and cater
to your child's learning and creative skills. The decision to leave
your child in the care of others is perhaps among the most
stressful decisions a family makes.  Rest assured, we understand
your concerns and have structured our center to make the
transition from home care to school care as smooth as possible.
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Center's Director - Varsha Dongre
Program Overview

First Start Childcare and Learning Center provides
developmentally-appropriate programs for children on a full-time
or part-time basis for children aged 6 weeks to school age.  This
center caters to infants, toddlers and preschoolers to develop
the skills necessary for school readiness.

The center is licensed by the Maryland State Department of
Education, Division of Early Childhood Development, Office of
Child Care for about 58 Children.

  • Infant Program
  • Toddler Program
  • 2 Year Old Program
  • 3 Year Old Program
  • 4/5 Year Old Program
First Start Centers (Elkridge)
6501 Huntshire Drive #106
Elkridge, MD
United States
ph: 410-379-8200
fac: 410-379-8262
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